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We believe you can learn from every great high-tech nation.

- This event focuses on the most promising Israeli IT security startups.

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Inspiring high-tech ideas through international collaboration

This year’s Startup-Nation Israel event will focus on the IT security industry.
We will have in five - for Swiss organizations most relevant - IT security categories Israeli startups present. Visitors can set up 1:1 meetings with these startups.

The state of the IT security market in Israel

Israel has been world-famous for its high-tech successes in IT security.
The success story continues and in 2018 more than 1 billion USD have been invested, as much as the entire investments in all of Switzerland's startups.

Some of the numbers:

  • 66 new companies were founded, an increase of 10 percent over 2017
  • Also - which is highly important for a healthy ecosystem - there have been very lucrative exists in the hundreds of millions USD like Secdo acquired for $100 million
  • Emerging fields were: IoT security, security for Blockchain and crypto currencies, cloud-native security and SDP

Source: A look back at the Israeli cyber security industry in 2018

07 May, 2019

Begins: 01:30 pm


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Welcome Notes

The state of the IT security market in Israel

Selected IT security startups presenting:

CompanyCategoryTotal fundingWhy you must meet them
CheckmarxApplication security$92 MioMeasure actual exposure with a holistic platform that unifies all software security aspects
TwistlockCloud Security and Protection of Data in the Cloud$63 MioTrusted by 35% of the Fortune 100
Transmit SecurityIAM$40 MioOne platform to orchestrate authentication, authorization, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, and account opening across all your channels and applications.
SilverfortIAM$11.5 MioProtecting the unprotectable. With agentless multi-factor authentication. (MFA)
Kela GroupThread Intelligence$40 MioKELA’s technological solutions automatically scan a curated set of Darknet sources, providing fully targeted, actionable intelligence.
Sec BISOC$6.5 MioA security analysts dream: Advanced protection & automated response. Autonomous investigation technology.
CurvSecurity for Blockchain and crypto currencies$6.5 MioA Cloud-based Wallet that Gives You Bulletproof Protection, Instant Availability & Total Autonomy Over All Your Digital Assets, powered by Revolutionary Cryptography

This list is not complete. Please contact us for a detailed completed list ...


Maor Cohen

A passionate entrepreneur and business leader who loves to continuously innovate on all business-related aspects. Over the years I led teams, successfully taking meaningful, industry-changing products towards true mass adoption.

These days, I'm Co-founder and CEO of Kindite: A first-of-its-kind cloud encryption solution designed for the realities of the modern cloud economy.

Gilad Peleg

Leading the drive for better cyber threat detection and response, Gilad serves as CEO of SecBI.

He is a seasoned industry leader with past leadership roles in startups and global companies, including M&A activities. Before joining SecBI, Gilad managed the business development, marketing and strategic activities that resulted in the sale of Oversi to Allot (NASDAQ: ALLT).

Prior to Oversi, he ran a $20M LGC Wireless business unit toward continuous growth and profitability, resulting in an acquisition by ADC (today NYSE: TEL), where he continued as VP Marketing of the Mobile Network business unit.

Earlier in his career, he served as an officer in an elite technology unit in Israel’s Defense Forces, managing the development and operations of infosecurity and communication systems.

Gilad also co-founded a cyber security company focused on the prevention of social engineering hacks.

He earned a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

About SecBI

SecBI provides advanced threat detection and automated response for remediation.

The company developed “Autonomous Investigation” technology to detect the “unknown” threats, without the need for a learning curve or creating a baseline, by applying unsupervised machine learning to metadata within the network infrastructure.

In doing so, SecBI enables enterprise SOCs and MSSPs to work at their optimal level of productivity, accurately detect sophisticated, stealthy attacks, and quickly remediate and prevent damage to the enterprise’s assets.

Our customers detect malicious communications in minutes, receiving the full scope of all affected entities and kill chain of the incident with the capability of automated comprehensive remediation.

SecBI is a network traffic analysis solution without deploying special appliances. The solution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Within hours of deployment, security analysts can identify and remediate malicious communications, removing the full kill chain, without leaving any remnants behind.

SecBI’s solution is currently used by financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, and manufacturing enterprises worldwide.

Dr. Sarah Wolff

Dr. Sarah Wolff leads the DACH region at Transmit Security, which helps its customers to protect and orchestrate millions of Identity Journeys in their digital ecosystems every day.

Continuous behavioral intelligence can be applied to users, devices, APIs, (Micro-)Services or cars. Some of the most demanding customers in the world rely on Transmit Technology to protect sensitive user journeys while at the same time not compromising the usability of the end-user. Amongst others HSBC, Citi, JP Morgan or Wells Fargo.

Sarah joined Transmit with leadership experience in Venture Capital, Telecommunications, Networking and Identity & Access Management. She has collected significant Identity experience supporting Connected Car Backends, managing Identity-Risks for global Insurances or protecting Bank Identities internally and externally in the context of PSD2.

About Transmit Security

Transmit Security was founded under the guiding opportunities that we saw no other vendor addressing:

Architectural Rationalization: Identity and fraud were different sides of the same coin and should be thought of together, as opposed to silos within complex organizations. By including these technologies, with improvements such as machine learning and AI, there is a huge opportunity for gains;

Lower Integration Costs: The cost of integration of new identity and fraud related technologies could be dramatically lowered, if organizations had a way of quickly integrating and removing third-party technologies using open standards and a flexible integration layer;

Eliminate Ongoing Identity Software Development: Identity logic in applications, and across applications are hard coded in software in the applications, there is an opportunity to elegantly simplify these highly complex projects by using sophisticated orchestration within the Transmit Security Platform;

Granular Control Over the User Experience: User experience was paramount, and the opportunity to improve identity related attrition in application flows was a huge opportunity for improvement. Can you roll out a specific user experience to the CEO in a few minutes without changing a line of code, or updating an application? With Transmit Security you can.

Ralf Haller

My more than two decades work experience has spanned various marketing, project management and business development roles, based on my training as an electrical engineer and masters in Telecommunication Systems (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

My career started while at university, when I took an assistant role in the USA. Later, I worked as an IT project manager for large key account clients at CompuNet in Munich and also worked in Hong Kong supporting the Asian region.

This prompted my move to Silicon Valley where I lived for many years, working as a Product Manager for successful startups building some of the first data communication equipments in the market. (first gigabit ethernet router/switch)

Since 2001, I provide product marketing and business development support and have organised different high-tech business events in Switzerland.

I am the organiser of about 15 per year national and international high-tech trends, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology business events in Switzerland, among them:

+ Silicon Valley meets Switzerland, svms-event.ch

+ Startup-Nation Israel meets Switzerland, startup-nation.ch

+ Chinese-Swiss High-tech Summit, china-innovation.ch

I am also the founder and president of the first - not for profit - "High-Tech Connect suisse" association encouraging and inspiring high-tech business development.


I started teaching the course "Global Innovation Ecosystems" and others at universities and look forward doing more of these as I love sharing and discussing with smart minds of all ages and cultures.


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